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J.R. Ricketts 780 KAZM Personality Pic
J.R. Ricketts

J.R. Ricketts has been bouncing around the radio waves for over 30 years with stops at numerous stations in New Mexico and Arizona. His responsibilities have ranged from an ownership interest, down to making the morning coffee. He came to KAZM in 2001 looking for a radio station that does radio the "RIGHT WAY" ... not the satellite fed automated stations that predominate the area. His wife of over 30 years, Barbara, works for the Cottonwood Schools.


Mike Tabback 780 KAZM Personality Picture
Mike Tabback

Mike started his broadcasting career in 2000. Fresh out of Combat in the Marine Corps it was quite the change in atmosphere. Mike's background in sports and athletics make him a natural for Hosting Sports Talk and the The Pit Tour. His weekly feature "Heroes of the Game" has won a number of State and National Broadcasting Awards, including the Silver Microphone Award.

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